FAQ - Delivery
When should I book?
The sooner the better to be sure of a hotspot's availability.
How can I book a hotspot?
Just press a "BOOK NOW" button and then select number of days you plan to use the device. Cost of rent is shown to you at the same time. Then you should press "ORDER" and enter your name and contact details, choose delivery options, date and time of delivery. After that you should read and accept the Privacy Policy and press "CHOOSE PAYMENT OPTION" to pass to choosing a payment option.
How to retrieve the pocket wifi?
We deliver an iTourer to your destination airport or hotel/apartmennts. The point of delivery depends on choice you make when you book the iTourer on our web-site.
Where are iTourer pick up/drop off points
You can find below the different delivery methods:
Delivery method Location Address Delivery Fee
- Self pick up at Moscow Myasnitskaya 13/18 Free of charge
- Take in the Airport at your arrival
- Moscow Airports: Domodedovo/ Sheremetyevo/ Vnukovo € 5
- Saint Petersburg Airport Pulkovo € 5
- Sochi Airport € 5
- Delivery to Moscow Hotels inside the Garden Ring € 5
- Delivery to Moscow Hotels outside the Garden Ring € 5
- Delivery to Moscow Apartments € 5

How can I find you in Russian airports?
When you book a hotspot please indicate your destination airport and your flight number. We track your flight and will be waiting for you at the arrival area near the exit from the luggage zone. Our courier has got a sign iTourer.
How can I get the iTourer in a hotel?
(a) Going to a hotel or hostel?
When you book iTourer, please indicate your hotel name. At the time you check-in, the hotspot will already be at the hotel, waiting for you. Just ask the lobby if the receptionist forgot to give it to you.

(b) Renting a house or apartment?
We need detailed address of your apartment, to be sure the Postman will deliver correctly and in time. The best way is to state your landlord's name additional to the address when you book iTourer.
What if I don't get my hotspot on time?
You will be reimbursed for the day(s) that you couldn't use the hotspot. If ever it happens, please contact us as soon as possible! Prior to that, please make sure that it is not just waiting for you with a receptionist, caretaker or anyone else.
How to return the hotspot?
You can return the Pocket WiFi using the provided envelope or choose to return it by yourself to our office or courier. Detailed information are available on the delivery page.

If you choose the provided envelope you can put the iTourer into the envelope and leave it at your hotel's receptionist. The inscription on the envelope already states that the content should be given to our officer, and his name is also stated. We pick it up at the same or next day you leave.

If you chose a self return, please e-mail us at the information on where and when you are going to return the iTourer. The best places are either your hotel or the airport.

If you have stated your airport of departure and you flight number then our courier will be waiting you in the airport for approximately 1,5 hour before your flight. Preliminary, our manager will email or whatsapp you the day before your flight in order to confirm meeting details

When to ship the Travel WiFi personal mobile hotspot back?
You should return the hotspot to us on the last day of your rental period, which means not later than 12:00 of the day following the last date of your order.
I lost my return envelope, what should I do?
Just ask a receptionist in your hotel to give you any other envelope and put iTourer and all accessories to us. Prior to that, write a message to describing how you are going to return iTourer.
If you choose to return the hotspot in the airport, then you should not be aware of the return envelope, just meet our courier and give the iTourer to him.
What if I forgot to return the Travel Wifi?
If you forgot to return the hotspot and had already left Russia, please follow on of two options below:

1st – you may leave iTourer to yourself and keep using it as a WiFi router. However, you should note that you need to replace SIM card and change router's settings for yourself, since iTourer can operate neither out of Russia, nor out of prepaid rental period. In addition, in this case we treat the deposit amount as the selling price for the device and do not return it to you

2nd – you may send it to us via Post or express delivery for your own expense. In this case, we refund the deposit amount after you send us a document that confirms sending the device to us at If you choose this option, then you should send the deivce to the following address:

o 119530, Ochakovskoye shosse 34, office 505, Moscow, Russia. Attention to Minnova.COM/SPair